Monday, 13 October 2014


To make these chocolate crispies I used:

  • 20 g (grams) of chocolate 
  • 15 g of cornflakes or similar

This made 1 cake. Recipe Here

Your mathematics task is to:

1) calculate the ratio of chocolate to cornflakes, and then:
2) work out the amount of ingredients to make 21 cakes.
1) We can see that the ratio of chocolate to cornflakes is 20:15
But this can be simplified further. The Greatest Common Factor is 5, so:

If we have 20 parts chocolate to 15 parts cornflake, divide each side by 5 and we get 4:3

This is the ratio of chocolate to cornflakes.
point of view:
since i'm in 5th grade, i haven't studied this yet but since i went to MTAP when i was in 4th grade (MTAP is a contest for all the students that are good in math) i had to study this earlier. finding the ratio is pretty easy once you understand it properly.  you will enjoy it. try to apply it in your life. for example:
there are 45 students in my class and 25 of them are girls while the other 20 are boys : the ratio is 25:20 but you can still simplify that. since their greatest common factor is 5, the ratio is 5:4 .

introduction of mathemaiticool

hi! :) sooo... i'm meena ( the leader of this group project) as you can see, we post mathematical stuffs here. that's because our computer teacher sir.Gian (hi sir!) assigned math as our topic for the blog. i'll try my best to make this a good project even though i did (almost) all the work -.- . well i hope you guys enjoy and learn from this blog. have a mathematical day bloggers! :D


Solid Geometry is about three dimensional objects like cubes, prisms, cylinders and spheres.
Point, Line, Plane and Solid
Point has no dimensions, only position
Line is one-dimensional
Plane is two dimensional (2D)
Solid is three-dimensional (3D)
Plane Geometry is all about shapes on a flat surface (like on an endless piece of paper).
point of view:
geometry is a little bit tricky because there are lots of memorization. But the thing about geometry is that you get to know shapes and identify them. You also learn how to find the area and perimeter of shapes and objects by knowing their formulas. Once you get to understand geometry, you'll eventually enjoy it.

algebra (introduction and POV)

What is the missing number?
OK, the answer is 6, right? Because 6 − 2 = 4. Easy stuff.
Well, in Algebra we don't use blank boxes, we use a letter (usually an x or y, but any letter is fine). So we write:
It is really that simple. The letter (in this case an x) just means "we don't know this yet", and is often called the unknown or the variable.
point of view (meena):
for me, since i'm only in 5th grade, and i don't have much of an experience in algebra but since my sister is in 3rd year highschool, i get to read her books and i think that algebra is cool and easy if you enjoy studying it. once you get to enjoy it, it'll be easier for you to understand it.